Sunday, 26 July 2015

Emulator Arcade Theme - Golden Axe Edition

Emulator Arcade Golden Axe Edition.
Available in 640x480 & 1042x768 and 1088x612 & 1280x720

Same features as version 1 & 2, but with added Golden Axe goodness.

Added features include:
  • new intro screen
  • Mega Drive select screen, in the style of original box art, with Golden Axe video
  • Golden Axe style cabinet
  • original Golden Axe bezel
  • sound effects from the game (replacing Streets of Rage ll sounds)
  • Golden Axe style bar rom sprite
  • Benguiat (Golden Axe style) font in game & some emulator select screens (replacing revue font)
  • re-sized and re-placed to fit all your video snaps perfectly
  • optional Mega Drive style Golden Axe marquee 

Golden Axe style cabinet with original bezel (1088x612 & 1280x720)
640x480 & 1042x768 version cabinet
Mega Drive emulator select screen
Golden Axe on Megadrive game select screen

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